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Podcast: 6 minutes about sex

The intimate consultation of Palais F*luxx

Dr. Elke Franzki & Kerstin König (2022-2023)

6 minutes about sex - episode 17

Gudrun Lehmann has been producing the German podcast "6 minutes about sex" since 2022. In it, gynaecologist Dr Elke Franzki and sex coach Kerstin König answer questions about female sexuality.

At this link, you will find all the episodes produced so far.

Christine Rothacker

House of Cows

Christine Rothacker (2022)

Main Title: "House of Cows"

In addition to her own commissioned productions, Gudrun Lehmann also produces CDs with other artists in her own project studio. She has already recorded four CDs with Christine Rothacker, a professional singer, cabaret artist and accordionist, which include songs from her stage programs composed by Gudrun Lehmann.


Christine Rothacker (2018)


Pflege für alle

Christine Rothacker (2013)

Yoga für Herren

Ich bin so frei

Christine Rothacker (2010)

Mein Nachbar Willi